Yesterday(3/23/14), my neighbor Joe stopped by and asked if we were ready for piglets.  I was hoping that the snow would be gone so I could put up a second pig pen before getting pigs.  Well, the best laid plans…….  Now we have three piglets in the barn.  I’ll update this post as the year goes on.

The three little pigs.

Three little pigs.

Yesterday (4/29/14), Claudia and I built a second pig pen so that the first one can recover for next year.  The three little pigs were overjoyed and a little overwhelmed with their new digs.  Pigs are forest creatures so I’ve situated the pens in the woods so that they can root.  I watched them nosing through the dirt last night; they chew as they root, so anything goes: rootlets, grubs, dried leaves, and lots of dirt.  Their digestive system must be uncompromisable.

New Pig Pen

New Pig Pen

With the old pen I roughly filled in the bomb holes that the big old sow made then I seeded with a pasture mix.  If I don’t feel it has recovered enough by the end of the growing season, next spring I may build another pen and make it a two year rotation.

Old pen seeded with pasture mix.

Old pen seeded with pasture mix.

About Broad-winged

Broad-winged Farm is a permaculture landscape in process. Situated on six acres of prime swampland, our goals are energy efficiency, food sustainablility, and land stewardship.
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