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Grafting Fruit Trees

This is the third year I’ve tried my hand at grafting.  My success rate is about 1 out 25, so certainly don’t take my advice as expert.  A few years ago my neighbor Al gave me a jar of pruning … Continue reading

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Butchering Beef (Warning: graphic pictures)

Well, I’m a little behind posting this as I’ve been working for Chris W at Ravenwood Tree and Landscape down in Mass. part time.  So, as the story goes, a month ago my neighbor Joe showed up with a request to … Continue reading

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Root Cellar Upgrade

Over the years, we’ve had several root cellars.  We had a small refrigerator that we buried under the deck.  There was the small earth covered root cellar out by the old garden.  Then finally the root cellar in the Southeast … Continue reading

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Chicks are in!

Our 2 dozen baby Buff Orphingtons arrived on Friday.  They will be the next generation to the dozen 2 year old layers we have now.  Claudia revamped the small pen in the (no) goat barn as a brooder.  When they … Continue reading

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