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About Broad-winged

Broad-winged Farm is a permaculture landscape in process. Situated on six acres of prime swampland, our goals are energy efficiency, food sustainablility, and land stewardship.

June 2014 HAC

Here’s some pictures of the June HAC at Pete & Rebekah’s.  Thanks Josh for the pics!  We started off stacking two cords of wood;  got a lesson on processing corn, had lunch, and finally a tour of the very wonderful … Continue reading

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Here are some photos that Josh Fecteau (thanks Josh) took at the last HAC at Fred and Amy’s homestead on May 10th.  A wood shed was built, trees were hauled to where they could be picked up by a lumber … Continue reading

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Compost Tea Processor

Last year I purchased an incomplete biodiesel processor, but when I decided not to set it up (for several reasons) I basically had a pile of parts on my hands.  The two main components were 30 and 60 gallon inverted … Continue reading

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Grafting Fruit Trees

This is the third year I’ve tried my hand at grafting.  My success rate is about 1 out 25, so certainly don’t take my advice as expert.  A few years ago my neighbor Al gave me a jar of pruning … Continue reading

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Butchering Beef (Warning: graphic pictures)

Well, I’m a little behind posting this as I’ve been working for Chris W at Ravenwood Tree and Landscape down in Mass. part time.  So, as the story goes, a month ago my neighbor Joe showed up with a request to … Continue reading

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Root Cellar Upgrade

Over the years, we’ve had several root cellars.  We had a small refrigerator that we buried under the deck.  There was the small earth covered root cellar out by the old garden.  Then finally the root cellar in the Southeast … Continue reading

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Chicks are in!

Our 2 dozen baby Buff Orphingtons arrived on Friday.  They will be the next generation to the dozen 2 year old layers we have now.  Claudia revamped the small pen in the (no) goat barn as a brooder.  When they … Continue reading

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Yesterday(3/23/14), my neighbor Joe stopped by and asked if we were ready for piglets.  I was hoping that the snow would be gone so I could put up a second pig pen before getting pigs.  Well, the best laid plans……. … Continue reading

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Traditional Ash Basketmaking

Today Mark Young shared his talent making traditional ash baskets at the Homesteading Arts Cooperative monthly get together.  Most of the day was spent pounding White Ash (Fraxinus americana) into riser and weaver stock, as well as, making handles and … Continue reading

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Maple Syruping

Yesterday (3/8/14) we finished tapping.   We’ve got 45 buckets on over 50 taps.  Now we just have to wait until the weather cooperates.  Today was a perfect sap running day- sunny with temps in the 40’s, but it’s going … Continue reading

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